Our SQuaF, in other words, “Servizio Qualità Finale”, allows you to ensure that your espresso has always high and consistent quality, checking first and then guaranteeing the conditions to prepare the perfect espresso to exist.

In fact, is usual to experience for a barista how much his espresso is disappointing,

and not to be able to identify the causes of that. Even the more expert professional assistants of coffee machines who are able to repair the most complex faults are almost never prepared to deal with specific quality issues, which can be linked to the adjustment of equipment, but also - just to mention a few - to the state of maturation of the coffee, or to the water specificity, or to the number of dissolved solids in the espresso coffee.

On the contrary, SQuaF focuses only on all the qualitative aspects of the production of espresso coffee, acting in three main areas and controlling its parameters:

  • Verification: the determination of the optimal conditions for obtaining a perfect espresso with the detection of the chemical composition of the water and of numerous other experimental measurements.
  • Adjustment: fine-tuning of parameters that affect the extraction of espresso, with direct action on espresso equipment and through the research of the best ways to control them in time.
  • Training: detection of the training needs and teaching on site.

Francesco TDS 



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