Vienna has it all, architecture, art, heritage from emperors like Franz Josef and Maria Theresia, new and trendy styles and of course some marks of the big war.


At the same time, Vienna is a relaxed city; its people are not easily rushed and take many new developments with a charming, easy-going attitude best described as “Let’s wait and see…”.
We do love our traditions, are a mix of many different cultures that have been part of this city for hundreds of years, embrace change if we like it and just ignore it if we don’t.
And if we are not sure, well, we might just do both.
Vienna represents a perfect combination of history, tradition, and innovation, many times found IN one place.
In 2019 Vienna has been voted as the world's livable city, the perfect time to take Giovanni on a tour through this wonderful place.
Join us, let’s take a walk and have a look at places that represent some of the complexity of the Viennese heart and soul.
Where does one start to show the true soul of this age-old city full of history?
Take in the view of the “Hochstrahlbrunnen” on Schwarzenbergplatz, a fountain built to order by the emperor Franz Joseph I just in front of the second world war memorial. Now a popular place where movies are shown in summer and young lovers meet. A perfect example of how this city seamlessly merges it’s past, present and future. Let’s not linger too long, give the lovebirds some privacy, and continue to the Karlskirche considered to be the most outstanding baroque church in Vienna, built in 1723. Here we enjoy a great view over Vienna from the top and take in the modern art installations inside the church.
One thing the Viennese love to do is to meet, relax and talk. Thus, it comes not as a surprise that the famous Vienna coffee house culture is rated as a UNESCO cultural heritage. Enjoy new, stylish spots like at the Urania observatory with a view over the Viennese river or traditional ones found all over the city, which might even invite you to dance a little waltz. You have over 900 to choose from and most of them are unique in their own way.
Naturally, we like getting together at night as well, have a drink and some great food. Always relaxed, never too loud, but not too quiet either. In summer you might take a seat in front of Vienna’s City Hall, surrounded by a wonderful park. The townhall square hosts international food stands and you can enjoy the summer film festival for free in front of the gothic setting. Just like that, you will become part of the perfect symbiosis of new and old that is so typical for Vienna.
Klimt, Schiele, Freud, Mahler, Hundertwasser, and many more famous artists, literary figures and scientists are inseparably tied to our history and culture. They left their mark on the most improbable places like the waste incineration plant in the 9. You will marvel at the Natural History Museum and the Museum of Art History facing each other. Maybe visit the world-renowned Egyptian exhibition just to cross the street afterward and find yourself immersed in modern art at the Museumsquartier. Also housing the Leopold Museum with the finest works of Klimt and Schiele. Naturally also a perfect place to sit down and enjoy another cup of coffee.
Although there is still so much to see and tell, our little journey is coming to an end. Take a last look at this wonderful place in the center of Europe, home of 2 Million people but with the feel of a smaller city.
Come back soon, you’ll be surprised by both the little changes and how much stayed the same. Find yourself another “Kaffeehaus”and enjoy this charming spot that is my beloved city.
--Doris Schleger

All the best from Vienna!

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